About the PA Breast Cancer Coalition

November 9, 2012

Every year, almost 10,000 women in Pennsylvania are diagnosed with breast cancer. The PA Breast Cancer Coalition was formed to provide support and education for women with breast cancer. In addition, PBCC is also constantly working towards a cure.

Founded by a group of breast cancer survivors almost 20 years ago, the PA Breast Cancer Coalition holds a variety of events and programs in the service of the cause. One event is the annual Take a Swing Against Breast Cancer Home Derby. This event has raised over $400,000 for women. Another event is the Traveling Photo Exhibit, which is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. This itinerant art project, which travels to each of the 67 counties in Pennsylvania, celebrates and tells the stories of the lives of breast cancer survivors.

Finally, each year in October, PBCC holds an annual conference in Harrisburg, hosting workshops by physicians, surgeons, bio-medical researchers, public health officials, lawyers, and fundraising advocates. The conference affords survivors and newly diagnosed patients alike the opportunity to learn, network, and get involved. The PBCC offers a limited number of travel grants, as well as full and partial Cary Massa Memorial Scholarships for the PA Breast Cancer Coalition Conference. They encourage anyone who needs assistance in paying for attendance to the conference to apply, although priority is given to breast cancer survivors. More information can be found at http://www.pabreastcancer.org/annual_conf/scholarships.

About Robert Massa: Dr. Massa became a passionate advocate for breast cancer charities after losing his wife of 27 years to the disease in 2006.


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